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Fairy Tales Can Come True

You Have To Make It Happen, It All Depends On You

Bad Wolf

Caeli. USA. Liberal. Feminist. Artistic. Animation Geek. Disney Princess. Ravenclaw. Fancy in every way possible. Lover of badass fictional ladies and nerdy fictional men. Pursuing the dream of creating animated movies. I watch too many TV shows and love too many movies. I get emotional over fictional characters frequently. This blog has evolved into a (mostly) personal blog that is only open to myself and to my friends who know me in real life. It's possible one day I may start using it publicly again (I've been using this blog for over six years now so it's not going to be deleted anytime in the foreseeable future), but for right now you can check me out on my tumblr, where I post more frequently and publicly. Feel free to follow me or talk to me there.


Animation. Disney. Pixar. Harry Potter. Doctor Who. Avatar: The Last Airbender. The Legend of Korra. Buffy: The Vampire Slayer. The Avengers. Supernatural. Community. Firefly. Dollhouse. Veronica Mars. Marvel. The Office. Enchanted. The Daily Show. Torchwood. Fringe. Misfits. Skins. Miranda. How I Met Your Mother. Game Of Thrones. Sherlock. Pushing Daisies. Adventure Time. Parks and Recreation. Tom Hiddleston. Kristen Bell. Benedict Cumberbatch. Misha Collins. Alyson Hannigan.

Riversong/Doctor. Rose/Doctor. Amy/Rory. Ron/Hermione. Harry/Ginny. Dean/Cas. Dean/Jo. Britta/Jeff. Annie/Troy. Katara/Aang. Toph/Sokka. Mai/Zuko. Logan/Veronica. Tony/Pepper. Buffy/Spike. Xander/Anya. Black Widow/Hawk Eye.

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